What Is Considered Low Blood Pressure During Pregnancy?

Few questions exist as to effects that pregnancy has on a woman’s body. As her hormones fluctuate, a woman may feel fit and energized one day, but fatigue and nauseous the next. However, one of the greatest impacts that expecting a baby can have on a woman’ body involves the fluctuation of her blood pressure. […]

What Is A Chemical Pregnancy?

A chemical pregnancy is a very early pregnancy that is detectable by its chemical makeup and ends in a miscarriage. Many women who have chemical pregnancies are not aware that they were ever pregnant. They may mistake the pregnancy as being late on their menstrual cycle by several days or even up to a week. […]

What Is The Most Accurate Pregnancy Test?

This is a trick question. There is not pregnancy test more accurate than another. The basic rundown on home pregnancy tests is that the best tests are the ones that are used correctly. However, if you want to delve further into the question, you might ask which home pregnancy test brand has the most accurate […]

Can You Get Pregnant Right After Your Period?

There are so many misconceptions about pregnancy that it really isn’t funny. There are no black and white answers when it comes to getting pregnant except for the fact that a sperm must fertilize an egg and that egg must implant into the wall of a woman’s uterus. Everything else is a different shade of […]

Positive Pregnancy Test Then Negative?

Taking a home pregnancy test that turns positive after you use it provides you with a wonderful feeling. However, it’s not uncommon for many women to want to take a second or third test just to make sure that her eyes aren’t playing tricks on her. While there are very few false positives, sometimes it […]

Positive Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage ?

A miscarriage is a devastating event for any family to deal with. The loss of a child, no matter how old or young, is heartbreaking. Unfortunately, miscarriage is more common than you think. Many women have a miscarriage so early in their pregnancy that they don’t even realize they were ever pregnant after mistaking bleeding […]

How Long Is Urine Good For Pregnancy Tests?

If you don’t know how a home pregnancy test works, it might help to learn before you take one of your own. A home pregnancy test is designed to detect the pregnancy hormone in your urine. This hormone is called hCG. It begins to appear after you ovulate and your egg is fertilized by sperm […]

Is Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy Safe?

If you’re planning on becoming pregnant or you already are pregnant, you’re going to have to give up a lot of your favorite activities. For the safety of yourself and your unborn baby, you will no longer be able to ride roller coasters, participate in extreme sports, consume alcohol, and eat some of your favorite […]

Haven’t Got My Period But Pregnancy Test Negative?

If you’re planning on starting or adding to your family, missing your period is a big deal. It’s a sure sign that you’re pregnant, isn’t it? Not getting your period on the day it’s expected can only mean one thing; that you are pregnant. Once you realize that your period is missing, you might run […]

Can Drinking Water Dilute A Pregnancy Test?

Women have so many questions when it comes to using home pregnancy tests. Women who want to become pregnant are impatient and anxious to take a test, and they want to know what’s going to affect the results, when it’s the right time to test, and how soon they can find out whether or not […]