When To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Knowing when to take a pregnancy test can be difficult. Even women who have had children before may not be sure if or when to take a pregnancy test before they make an appointment with their doctor. Making this determination may revolve around several factors, […]

Qualitative And Quantitative Pregnancy Test?

One of the best methods available to doctors when determining if a female patient is pregnant is the quantitative pregnancy test. This test provides accurate results and can also help a physician discover how far along a pregnancy is and whether or not any complications […]

What Is A Glucose Pregnancy Test?

During your pregnancy, you can expect your obstetrician to monitor every aspect of your health and the health of your unborn baby closely. Along with monitoring your weight, your vital statistics, and your baby’s heart rate and movement, your doctor will also make sure that […]

Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?

Most people who have not actually had children yet assume that it is relatively easy to get pregnant anytime you wish. However, as the months pass with no positive pregnancy test, you may wonder “Why am I not getting pregnant?”. In fact, getting pregnant takes […]

Cramps But No Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

For many women, cramps and periods go hand-in-hand. In fact, it can be difficult to escape a moderate bout of cramps at least a few times a year. However, when a woman has cramps but no period negative pregnancy test results should give her confirmation […]

How Common Is A False Negative Pregnancy Test?

No officials numbers have ever been published about how many women get false negative pregnancy test results before finally confirming their pregnancies either through a blood test or taking another home pregnancy test. In fact, when women wonder just how common is a false negative […]

False Negative Pregnancy Test With Mirena?

A long term birth control option, Mirena is popular with women who want to space out their pregnancies or avoid becoming pregnant without actually having to undergo a tubal ligation. This brand of IUD has proven to be more 99 percent effective and has demonstrated […]

12 Days Late Negative Pregnancy Test?

Many women suspect that they are pregnant after they are day or two late on their periods. By day 12, they are almost certain that they are pregnant, even if they are not showing any outward symptoms. However, when they take a pregnancy test and […]

Signs Of Pregnancy But Negative Pregnancy Test?

Few things are more frustrating to women than not knowing if they are pregnant or simply late getting their periods. If a woman’s cycle has always been sporadic or if she has never before been pregnant, this dilemma can be particularly confusing and stressful. Her […]