• Vinegar Pregnancy Test

How To Do The Vinegar Pregnancy Test?

Vinegar is a versatile household ingredient that can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a cleaning agent, a flavor enhancer, a medicinal aide, and even an indicator of pregnancy. For generations, [...]

  • Dandelion Pregnancy Test

How To Do The Dandelion Pregnancy Test?

Long before over-the-counter pregnancy tests were ever invented, women have been finding natural ways to test themselves for early pregnancy. These homemade pregnancy tests have survived the test of time and are still used by [...]

  • Sugar Pregnancy Test

DIY Homemade Sugar Pregnancy Test

Despite over-the-counter pregnancy tests being widely available, do-it-yourself pregnancy testing methods still remain very popular. Women may prefer these alternative tests to over-the-counter kits because the DIY methods are cheaper, readily accessible, and give fairly [...]

  • Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

How To Do The Pine Sol Pregnancy Test?

Like most alternative medical approaches, the Pine Sol pregnancy test has never been formally studied by those in the medical or scientific communities. If you plan to use this method to test whether or not [...]

  • Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

How To Do The Toothpaste Pregnancy Test?

Women who are on a tight budget or those who simply prefer natural medicine to established medical practices may try homemade pregnancy tests before they actually go out and buy an over-the-counter home pregnancy test. [...]

  • Drano Pregnancy Test

Does The Drano Pregnancy Test Really Predict Gender?

When a woman wants to know if she’s pregnant, she wants to know right this second. She doesn’t want to wait a few weeks or wonder if the results of her home pregnancy test are [...]

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