A growing number of expectant parents today elect to find out the gender of their unborn baby. However, those who do not want to find out and instead wait to be surprised at the baby’s delivery can still enjoy a fun baby shower. Instead of playing games geared toward one gender, they can play games that are for both boys and girls. Hosts or hostesses getting ready for the baby shower can ensure a good time is had by all by considering these top 5 baby shower games for boys and girls.

The first game is called Having a Baby. For this activity, all you need is enough deflated balloons for everyone at the party. The game calls for everyone to be divided into teams. The first person on each team should then blow up his or her balloon as large as possible and then tuck it under his or her shirt. After the balloon is under the first person’s shirt, the next person on the team can begin blowing up his or her balloon and putting it under his or her shirt as well. After everyone on the team has balloons under their shirts, they should then one-by-one pop their balloons. The first team to blow up and pop their balloons wins. The second game on the top of baby shower games is called Tinkle in the Pot. This game involves team members holding a quarter between their knees and waddling over to a jar on the floor and dropping the quarter in the jar. If the quarter falls, the team member has to start over. The first team to deposit all of their quarters wins.

Another fun game, called Baby Scrambler, involves unscrambling 25 baby-related words as quickly as possible. This game can be played individually or as teams. The first team or person to unscramble all of the words wins. The fourth most popular girl or boy game is called Blindfold Diapering. This game,, as its name implies, involves diapering a life-size doll while blindfolded. It should be played as a team, with the team diapering the doll correctly winning. Finally, the fifth and last most popular game to play at gender neutral baby showers is called Baby Alphabet. Players must come up with a baby-related word for each corresponding letter of the alphabet. Whoever has the best list, or the list with the most relevant words on it wins. These games are simple, fun, and can be played for both genders. They also do not cost a lot of money to include as part of the party’s schedule.

5 Baby Shower Games For Boys

Parents who find out that they are having a boy often want a baby shower centered on welcoming their son into the family. If you are in charge of hosting a boy-centered baby shower, you may wonder what kinds of games are suitable to play. A number of games geared toward welcoming a baby boy are popular for these festivities. These games are among the most popular in celebrating the arrival of a new boy into the family.

Word games are always fun at baby showers. To gear a word game toward a boy-themed party, you can have all of the guests come up with words for each letter that are typically associated with sons. For example, for the letter B someone may come up with the word baseball or bicycle. The letter R may stand for race cars, and so on until the game is finished. This game is usually timed with the person coming up with the most words winning the prize. Another fun game involves racing rubber ducks across a kiddie pool or bathtub. Guests cannot propel their ducks other than by blowing on them. Whoever’s duck makes it across the “pond” first wins. The third game, called Pacifier toss, calls for guests to toss around a pacifier at each other, with the person who catches the pacifier having 10 seconds to come up with the name of a baby-related item, such as diapers or bassinet. Items cannot be stated twice. People who fail to meet the 10 second rule are out of the game.

A fourth game for baby boys calls for guests to label the appropriate baby animals names for each corresponding animal listed in the game. The names of adult animals like raccoons or alligators can be listed on a piece of paper. Guests then must write down the correct baby name for each animal. Baby raccoons, for example, are called kits. Finally, a fifth boy-themed game is called All About Boys. This game calls for guests to list or call out as many words with “boy” in them. Some examples include busboy or bellboy. Whoever comes up with the most words wins. Welcoming a boy into the family is always an exciting prospect for new parents. A son bring a lot of pride and joy that parents anticipate with their baby’s birth. When parents find out that a baby boy is on the way, they want to celebrate the occasion with friends and loved ones. These top boy-centered games can help liven up a baby shower while also celebrating the impending arrival of a new boy into the family soon.

5 Baby Shower Games For Girls

Adding a baby girl to the family can be just as exciting and joyous as welcoming a son. Parents who want to celebrate their soon-to-be born daughter may ask that their baby shower feature fun, girl-centered games that everyone can enjoy together. Girl games are actually quite popular at baby showers because many hosts and hostesses find it easier to coordinate decorations and supplies with girl games than those made for boys. The top five girl baby shower games allow everyone to have fun and look forward to the new baby girl’s arrival.

The first game played at many baby showers involves naming as many songs as possible that have girl names in them. Some favorites that always come up during this game include “Holly Holly” and “Layla.” Guests should be timed in the game. The person or team that comes up with the most songs with girl names in them wins the prize if one is offered. To ensure that no one cheats during the game, the host may ask that people turn off their cell phones so they cannot look on YouTube or Google. Another activity commonly played at girl-themed baby showers is not so much a game as it is an arts and crafts undertaking. Using construction paper, glitter, markers, glue, pieces of ribbons, and other supplies, guests are invited to make birthday cards that can be given to the baby on her first birthday. People can include artwork or notes that they want to share with the family about the baby. These notes allow parents to remember their baby shower the next year when their daughter turns one.

Another game invites guests to bring pictures of themselves as babies to the shower. They should discreetly give these pictures to the host so that everyone playing the game later can take turns guessing whose baby pictures are whose. Scavenger hunts are always fun to play at baby showers. The scavenger hunt at a girl-themed party can include a search for items typically used for baby girls, such as pink pacifiers or ribbons. Finally, word scramblers also prove to be a hit at baby showers. The word scrambler can include girl-centered words, such as dolls, pink, dresses, and flowers. Baby girls are always an exciting addition to a family. Parents who want to share their joy with friends and family members can ask that girl-centered games be played at the baby shower. These ideas help everyone have fun.