• Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

Digital Pregnancy Test

The digital pregnancy test is a favorite of women who were once pregnant, are pregnant, and who are hoping to become pregnant soon. It’s easy to read screen helps to eliminate the wonder and the question as to whether or not a woman is really pregnant. Non-digital tests can have a faint line, a dark line, an in-between line, and anything in between. Since some women are so hopeful that they’ll become pregnant, they often mistake the absence of a line for the existence of one. Others just can’t tell […]

  • Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test

Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test

There are few things women want more when they are hoping to become pregnant than results as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It takes a few weeks after conception for a woman’s body to start producing the pregnancy hormone, known as hCG, in levels high enough to detect on a home pregnancy test. While most pregnancy tests don’t work accurately until the first day of your missed period, the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test is designed to tell women whether or not they are expecting a baby as […]

  • Earliest Pregnancy Test

What Is The Earliest Pregnancy Test?

If there is one question hopeful moms ask, it’s which pregnancy test is the earliest pregnancy test to detect pregnancy. Even though most women find out they are pregnant by the time they are four weeks along, it’s not soon enough for women who’ve been trying to become pregnant and are beyond excited about the prospect of becoming a mom and welcoming a new baby into the world.

The reason it takes four weeks to find out a woman is pregnant has to do with hormones […]

  • Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test

Most Sensitive Pregnancy Test

The sensitivity of a pregnancy test matters more than almost any other aspect of the test. Many women are willing to pay whatever it costs to find out as early as possible if she is expecting a baby. Pregnancy tests are most accurate when they are used one week after you miss your period. However, if you use the test the day of your missed period, you have a good chance at an accurate result. This leaves many women wondering what it means when a test is sensitive, how sensitive […]

  • EPT Pregnancy Test

How To Read A EPT Pregnancy Test?

The Error Proof Test is more commonly referred to as the EPT Test. When you take an EPT pregnancy test, you can rest assured that your result is accurate and easy to read. Women love EPT and have been using this pregnancy test for years. When it’s time for you to take a pregnancy test, you want to take the best test. You want one that is affordable and reliable. If you are like many women, you want a pregnancy test that will tell you a […]

  • First Response Pregnancy Test

First Response Pregnancy Test

When it comes to taking an at-home pregnancy test, you want to know which one is the most accurate, the most reliable, and which one will tell you that you are pregnant as soon as possible. Many tests claim that they can detect pregnancy days before your missed period, but only one test available to consumers can detect pregnancy as many as six days prior to your missed period. The First Response pregnancy test can detect levels of the pregnancy hormone up […]

  • Clearblue Pregnancy Test

How Accurate Is The Clearblue Pregnancy Test?

Choosing the right pregnancy test can have a significant impact on the accuracy of your results. If you make the mistake of choosing a pregnancy test that is not sensitive enough to detect your own levels of hCG if you plan on testing early, you might end up with a negative result that causes you undue sadness and upset. The Clearblue pregnancy test is sensitive enough to detect pregnancy hormone levels as many as five days before your missed period.

Clearblue Pregnancy Test

The Clearblue Plus […]

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