• Dental Work While Pregnant

Can You Get Dental Work While Pregnant?

The question of whether or not women can undergo dental work while pregnant continues to be considered by both the medical and scientific communities. It is known that any kind of medication that a woman takes while pregnant will cross from her bloodstream into that of her unborn child, which could pose a risk to the developing baby’s safety and wellness. By all accounts, doctors theorize that routine dental services, such as cleanings and fluoride treatments, are safe and even recommended during pregnancy. Routine care helps keep harmful bacteria out […]

  • Teenagers Getting Pregnant

The Risks Of Teenagers Getting Pregnant?

According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, fewer teenagers are getting pregnant and having babies before the age of 19. In fact, in 2013 a little over 273,000 babies were born to mothers under 19 years of age. While this number may still seem high, it is actually 10 percent lower than the teenage pregnancy statistics gathered in 2012. With fewer teens having babies, it would appear that the social media and public awareness campaigns are working. The availability of birth control and health services for teens also […]

  • Is It Safe To Eat Fish While Pregnant

Is It Safe To Eat Fish While Pregnant?

In the past 20 years, it seems that doctors have flip-flopped a dozen times on whether or not it is safe for a pregnant mother to eat fish and seafood while she is pregnant. In fact, one of the most common questions that women still have early in their pregnancies centers on is it safe to eat fish while pregnant. Fortunately, medical science has diligently tried to answer this question once and for all, giving you the peace of mind you need to go forward and plan out your pregnancy […]

  • How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive

How To Make A Pregnancy Test Positive?

Many people assume that a pregnancy test can only be positive if the person taking it is legitimately expecting a baby. As true as this belief may be, other ways exist for how to make a pregnancy test positive, at least at first glance. Many people are intrigued by these bypass methods for a variety of reasons. They may want to play a prank or genuinely want to make someone believe that they are in fact pregnant. Regardless of your own reasoning, you can

  • Vinegar Pregnancy Test

How To Do The Vinegar Pregnancy Test?

Vinegar is a versatile household ingredient that can be used for many purposes. It can be used as a cleaning agent, a flavor enhancer, a medicinal aide, and even an indicator of pregnancy. For generations, women have been utilizing vinegar to create homemade pregnancy tests that give just as reliable results as any over-the-counter kit. When you want to know with relative certainty whether or not you could be expecting, you can try using the vinegar pregnancy testing method. This test is very cheap to make […]

  • Dealing With Depression While Pregnant

Dealing With Depression While Pregnant

Within the last two decades, the subject of depression during pregnancy has lost its taboo and become a forerunner topic in women’s health. Before that, many people wrongly assumed that pregnant women were content, if not downright giddy about being pregnant and giving birth. Anticipation of a baby’s arrival does little to calm the depression with which a significant number of expectant mothers suffer. In fact, the CDC reports that between 14 and 23 percent of all pregnant women will develop depression at some point in their pregnancies. If you […]

  • Dandelion Pregnancy Test

How To Do The Dandelion Pregnancy Test?

Long before over-the-counter pregnancy tests were ever invented, women have been finding natural ways to test themselves for early pregnancy. These homemade pregnancy tests have survived the test of time and are still used by women who are on tight budgets or for whatever reason do not trust modern medical testing procedures. One of the more popular options for testing at home without a kit involves using dandelions. Dandelions are said to be great indicators of whether or not a woman may be pregnant. However, before […]

  • Selena Gomez Pregnant

Is Selena Gomez Pregnant Yes Or No?

Young celebrities today face unprecedented scrutiny about both their professional and private lives. Their every move and word are hashed out in the daily press for anyone who is interested in judging them. Further complications arise when these young stars become romantically involved with their celebrity peers. The press and the public both quickly manufacture gossip that most often proves to be untrue. Few celebrities know this targeting so well as Selena Gomez. Despite denials from her public relations team the press, the public, and even her most devoted fans […]

  • Sugar Pregnancy Test

DIY Homemade Sugar Pregnancy Test

Despite over-the-counter pregnancy tests being widely available, do-it-yourself pregnancy testing methods still remain very popular. Women may prefer these alternative tests to over-the-counter kits because the DIY methods are cheaper, readily accessible, and give fairly reliable results in a timely manner. Some of these home testing methods do not utilize harmful chemicals that could put a woman’s health in jeopardy, a scenario that could potentially be deadly to any early pregnancy she is carrying. When women want to know with a certain degree of assurance that they may be pregnant, […]

  • What Is The Best Baby Registry

What Is The Best Baby Registry?

Nine months may not seem like a lot of time to get everything you need for your soon-to-be newborn. Even if you have other children, you may find that you need to get new things like a bassinet, crib, baby bath, bottles, and other necessities. You may even need to get more clothing for your baby if your older children are the opposite gender of your newborn. Like most expectant parents, however, you may find that funds are tight and that you cannot afford to buy some of what you […]

  • Best Pregnancy Pillow For New Mothers

What Is The Best Pregnancy Pillow?

Watching your body expand and grow during your nine months of pregnancy can be a joyous experience. You may marvel at the miraculous changes your body undergoes as your baby gets bigger. However, your growing baby and belly can cause you to experience discomfort when you are trying to lie down at night to sleep. Pregnancy brings with it a host of aches, pains, and twinges for which no remedy can be found by propping yourself up with regular bed pillows. When you want to sleep well at night and […]

  • Top 5 Baby Shower Games For Boys And Girls

Baby Shower Games For Boys And Girls?

A growing number of expectant parents today elect to find out the gender of their unborn baby. However, those who do not want to find out and instead wait to be surprised at the baby’s delivery can still enjoy a fun baby shower. Instead of playing games geared toward one gender, they can play games that are for both boys and girls. Hosts or hostesses getting ready for the baby shower can ensure a good time is had by all by considering these top 5 baby shower games for boys […]

  • Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

When you are very in tune with your body, you can usually tell that something is occurring within before any medical test can confirm your suspicions. You know the rhythm at which your body functions and what symptoms are normal and which ones are cause for alarm. Because your brain is so in sync with your body, it may be easy for you to tell when you are pregnant even before you miss your period. Early pregnancy symptoms, particularly those that occur before you miss a cycle, are very subtle […]