• When Does Implantation Occur

When Does Implantation Occur After IVF And IUI?

CNN reported that in 2014 close to 1.5 percent of the 4 million babies born that year were the result of in-vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination, otherwise known as IVF and IUI. In fact, studies show that more women each year are using one of these methods to conceive and have children. As popular as these conception methods are today, women still may wonder just when implantation will occur after they undergo these procedures. These procedures are designed to mimic as much as possible the natural conception process in women […]

  • White Discharge Before Period

Thick Sticky White Discharge Before Period?

As a woman, your reproductive system is always working. It intuitively knows where you are in your reproductive cycle and helps you know the same information by what kind of discharge you are experiencing. In fact, right before you start a period you may have a thick white discharge that may seem mucus-like and sticky. As you will discover, this discharge is perfectly normal and is entirely expected if you are in good health. Rather than anticipate this discharge with dread or disgust, you should take it as a sign […]

  • Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy

Bacterial Vaginosis During Pregnancy Home Remedies?

When you are pregnant, you must be on guard to protect your health and that of your unborn baby. Despite your best efforts, you may be unable to protect yourself from bacterial vaginosis. Scientists do not know for sure what causes bacterial vaginosis, or BV. They do know that it occurs because of an imbalance of bacteria in your vagina. The vagina normally contains both good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria should outnumber the bad so that you avoid infections like BV. When the bad bacteria begin to overtake […]

  • Reasons For Sore Nipples

Top 5 Reasons For Sore Nipples?

Within just a few days after finding out you are pregnant, your body begins to change and experience sensations that are entirely new to you. Among the various body parts affected by the sensations, your nipples in particular will undergo a transformation that may leave you uncomfortable and embarrassed. During your entire pregnancy your breasts and nipples will be one of the most sensitive parts of your body. You can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy as best as you can by understanding the reasons behind sore nipples.

The […]

  • Ovary Pain During Pregnancy

Left Or Right Ovary Pain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy comes with a host of aches and pains that should be expected by an expectant mother. However, some pain signals that something more dire could occurring in her body and warrants the attention of her primary care doctor or her obstetrician. Ovarian pain in particular should not occur during a healthy pregnancy. If you have pain in either your right or left ovary, you should call your doctor immediately and be examined for a variety of conditions known to cause pain in this part of your body.

After you conceive, […]

  • Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy

What Causes Diarrhea In Early Pregnancy?

If you have never before been pregnant, you may fail to appreciate how sensitive your digestive tract will become once you conceive. Within weeks of conception, you will develop a slew of symptoms that will sometimes leave you exhausted, hungry, and nauseated all at the same time. Out of all of the pregnancy-related digestive issues you could develop, diarrhea proves to be one of the most bothersome. Because you are pregnant, however, you are unable to treat diarrhea in the same manner as you did before you were expecting. Still, […]

  • Chinese Gender Predictor

Most Accurate Chinese Gender Predictor Birth Chart?

All expectant parents wait in great anticipation to find out their new baby’s gender. While parents today often find out their baby’s gender during an ultrasound, this option was not always available to people in the past. Instead, they had to rely on old wives’ tales or superstitions to guess if they would have a boy or girl. One ancient baby gender test that stood the test of time is the Chinese gender predicting method. This gender predictor has now made its way to the Internet and continues to be […]

  • Negative Pregnancy Test

Top 10 Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

Since their arrival on the market in 1979, over-the-counter pregnancy kits have continued to provide countless women with accurate and reliable test results. While most tests available now reported to be between 97 to 99 percent accurate, they are not entirely fail-proof and can in fact give negative results when women expect to see positive results. In these situations, women may wonder what went wrong or what happened to cause the negative results. These top 10 reasons for a negative pregnancy test stand out for why women may need to […]

  • How To Get Pregnant Fast

5 Tips To Getting Pregnant Fast And Easy?

Starting a family can be a very exciting prospect. You may feel that you are destined to be a mother and you want to get pregnant as fast as possible. However, when you want to know how to get pregnant fast you may need some advice about timing, positioning, techniques, and more. You can accomplish the family of your dreams and fulfill your lifelong wish to become a parent by taking a few suggestions into mind as you prepare to conceive your future children.

When it comes to getting pregnant fast, […]

  • How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant

How Do You Know If You Are Pregnant?

If you have never before had a baby, you may wonder how do you know if you are pregnant. Some health conditions have symptoms that mimic early pregnancy, which is why it can be difficult for you to know for sure if you have never been pregnant before now. However, early pregnancy has symptoms that do not dissipate after a short period of time. You can look for these signs to determine if you are expecting a baby or if you may have some other condition affecting your health.

Women who […]

  • Can You Get A Positive Pregnancy Test At 3 Weeks

Can You Get A Positive Pregnancy Test At 3 Weeks?

When you are in a hurry to find out if you are pregnant, you may want to test as soon as you can. Fortunately, today’s over-the-counter pregnancy tests are extremely sensitive and reliable, allowing you to take a test earlier than ever. However, before you take a test, you should know how to time it so you get the earliest, yet most accurate result possible. When considering can you get a positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks, you would do well to learn when an early pregnancy start releasing hCG, […]

  • How Long To Get A Positive Pregnancy Test

How Long To Get A Positive Pregnancy Test?

Waiting to take a pregnancy test can seem like torture when you are anxious to become a mother. When you consider how long to get a positive pregnancy test result, however, you may appreciate the patience and effort that precedes you finally getting that positive result for which you have longed. In fact, during the few weeks that you must wait to take a pregnancy test after having sex, you can prepare your body by eating well, taking prenatal vitamins, and getting plenty of rest. As you concentrate on getting […]

  • How To Track Ovulation When You Have Irregular Periods

How To Track Ovulation When You Have Irregular Periods?

When you have an irregular period, it may seem like getting pregnant will be impossible. But do not despair. The way in which you will get pregnant will not vary one bit from someone who has regular periods. You still must have sex during your fertile window. You will even track ovulation in the same way. The only difference is that it can be challenging to predict ovulation when it does not occur at the same time each month. This is why many women with irregular periods take longer to […]