• When To Take A Pregnancy Test

When To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Knowing when to take a pregnancy test can be difficult. Even women who have had children before may not be sure if or when to take a pregnancy test before they make an appointment with their doctor. Making this determination may revolve around several factors, including how regular a woman’s cycle is and whether or not she is taking birth control. Even so, many doctors agree that if a woman is more than two months late on her period, she should take a test to determine if she is or […]

  • Can You Get Pregnant From Precum

Can You Get Pregnant From Precum?

Until recently, teenagers were always taught in sex education classes that a woman could become pregnant from precum. In fact, recent scientific studies now refute this long-held belief and instead suggest that precum, or pre-ejaculate as it is scientifically known as, only contains dead sperm, if any sperm at all. With that, the idea that a man could get a woman pregnant even without ejaculating no longer holds any worth in the scientific and medical community. By all accounts, a man must penetrate and ejaculate into the

  • Tips On How To Get Pregnant

Tips On How To Get Pregnant

When it comes to knowing how to get pregnant, many women assume that it is a matter of luck or good timing rather than anything else that they can directly control. It is true that your chances of conceiving can be affected the most by how well you time having sexual intercourse and whether or not a sperm actually survives to unite with one of your eggs. However, you may also increase your chances by taking a few other steps to ensure that these first two factors occur when they […]

  • Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant

Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?

Most people who have not actually had children yet assume that it is relatively easy to get pregnant anytime you wish. However, as the months pass with no positive pregnancy test, you may wonder “Why am I not getting pregnant?”. In fact, getting pregnant takes precise timing and more than a bit of luck, something that some people seem to enjoy more than others. Before you give up hope entirely of ever becoming a mother, you may try these tips to help improve your chances of conceiving and going on […]

  • Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

Many women assume that, once their periods start each month, they cannot get pregnant until their menstruation is over and their monthly cycle starts anew. However, it has been scientifically proven that ovulation can occur even during a period, making it a real possibility that some women may get pregnant even while menstruating. While this occurrence is relatively low for most women, all women should realize that this possibility does exist. With that, if they are trying to prevent pregnancy, women are often warned to use protection if they plan […]

  • Top 10 Home Pregnancy Test

Top 10 Early Home Pregnancy Tests

With the multitudes of early pregnancy test varieties on the market, it can be difficult for people to know which brand is right for them. They also may have limited financial means with which to buy a test, making it vital that they know which brand can provide them with the results they need without breaking their budget. Rather than take a gamble of a test that may or may not work for their particular need, people can benefit by knowing which tests rank as among the best.

In fact,

  • Top 3 Digital Home Pregnancy Test

Top 3 Digital Home Pregnancy Test For Sensitivity?

Home pregnancy tests first appeared on the market in 1968. While these earliest tests were well received and helpful, the ones available now offer better and more precise results. In fact, when women want to know for sure if they are pregnant, they often choose a digital home pregnancy test more than any other testing method. However, even among the current brands of digital tests, some brands outrank others. When women wonder which digital home pregnancy test on which to rely to give them reliable results, they may do well […]

  • Positive Pregnancy Test On Craigslist

Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests On Craigslist?

Craiglist has become a virtual one-stop shop for people on the hunt for unique bargains and necessities. People can find listings for cars, apartment rentals, electronics, clothing, and much more just by using this site. In fact, the website continuously sees new listings for new and even unusual items up for sale each day. One of the most unusual and even questionable things for sale now on Craigslist is positive pregnancy tests. When women want to mislead others into believing that they are pregnant, they can begin their ruse by […]

  • Top 5 Best Pregnancy Test

Top 5 Home Pregnancy Test For Positive Results?

When scientists discovered the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, to be one of the early markers of pregnancy, modern medicine has continuously taken steps to help women detect their pregnancies as early and reliably as possible. Over-the-counter pregnancy tests have been on the market since 1968, giving women the discreet option of confirming whether or not they are pregnant in the privacy of their own homes. However, with all of the pregnancy testing options now available to women, they may wonder which tests rank among the best now and […]