• Pregnancy Test At Night vs Morning

Pregnancy Test At Night or Morning?

Few women have the patience to wait until the day their period is expected to arrive to take a home pregnancy test. Those who wish so much to become pregnant find themselves wanting to test [...]

  • Negative Pregnancy Test

What Can Cause A Negative Pregnancy Test?

A negative pregnancy test is good news for some and bad news for others. Those who hope they are not pregnant will sigh a big sigh of relief at the absence of a second little [...]

  • Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test

A late period negative pregnancy test situation is never ideal. No woman wants to experience the absence of her period along with a negative pregnancy test – unless she’s not trying to become pregnant but [...]

  • False Negative Pregnancy Test

False Negative Pregnancy Test

A false negative pregnancy test is something most women hope they are experiencing as they see the words, “Not Pregnant,” and/or the absence of a second line on their at-home pregnancy tests. It’s not easy [...]

  • Do Pregnancy Tests Expire

Do Pregnancy Tests Expire?

Few things are as sad as seeing a negative result on a home pregnancy test when you’ve been trying so hard to become pregnant. Unfortunately, it does happen. When you see that result, you might [...]

  • How Do Pregnancy Tests Work

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

When a woman is in the process of trying to conceive a child, she may not put much thought into the question, “How do pregnancy tests work?”, while others are very curious to know exactly [...]

  • Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong

Can A Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or hoping you are not pregnant, the results of your home pregnancy test might upset you. Can a pregnancy test be wrong? Pregnancy tests can be wrong. While [...]

  • Missed Period

Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

When you’re trying to conceive, you more than likely count down the days to your next period. You’re hopeful that it will not arrive because it is one of the first big signs that you [...]