Pregnancy is really nothing but a waiting game for expectant parents. You wait until the right time to try and conceive a child. You wait until the right time to take a pregnancy test. You wait to see the doctor. You wait to find out the gender of the baby. You wait for the baby to arrive. There is a lot of waiting in pregnancy, but perhaps the most exciting part of having a baby – other than actually giving birth and holding your new baby for the first time – is finding out the gender of your baby.

Pregnancy Gender Test

Many new parents are extremely impatient to find out what gender their baby is. They want to start shopping, choosing names and decorating the baby’s nursery. Without knowing the gender, it’s hard to do this. For this reason, many parents are looking at things called a pregnancy gender test to help them determine whether or not they are having a boy or a girl.

Before you get too excited about the fact that there is such thing as a gender test, understand that all gender prediction tests are only 50 percent accurate, which is as accurate as your very own educated guess. A gender test might work for one pregnant woman and not for another. While it’s fun to take them and see if your baby really is what you think it is, it’s advisable that you don’t take the time to make any major purchases or start painting items in your baby’s nursery until your doctor confirms your baby’s gender with an ultrasound.

You can go to your local pharmacy and for about $50 pick up a pregnancy gender test. These tests use your urine to help determine whether or not you are having a boy or a girl. They claim to be over 90 percent accurate, but they really are not. Many people use these tests, but if you want to know for sure what type of baby you are having, you need an ultrasound and a clear picture of your baby’s private area to see what type of body parts are there.

Pregnancy Gender Tests and Old Wives Tales

There are a number of old wives tales that help you determine what gender your baby will be. One example of this is the Chinese calendar. By using the year of your conception with the age you were when you conceived, your baby will either be determined a boy or a girl. You can find them all over the internet. Again, there’s a 50 percent chance this test will be accurate.

Yet another gender test is the way you are carrying. It is believed that the lower you appear to be carrying your baby, it is a boy. The higher you carry indicates that you are carrying a girl. If you suffer from morning sickness, you can use this as a test to determine whether or not you are carrying a girl or boy. It is believed that girls cause more morning sickness than boys.

Food is also a gender test in pregnancy. Many women believe that craving salty food means they are having a little boy. When they crave sweet food it means they are having a girl. This could go either way, because sometimes people just crave certain foods because they like them or because their body is missing something found in that particular type of food.

Pregnancy Gender Test Ring

Yet another test you can use to determine your baby’s gender is called a ring test. This test involves having a pregnant woman lie on her back and lift her shirt. Her partner will remove his wedding ring and place it on a string. He will then hold the ring on the string over his pregnant partner’s belly and watch the ring move. If the ring turns in circles it is said to be a boy. If it moves back and forth it is said to be a girl. Another is your skin. If your skin is dry but acne free, you’re having a boy. If it is oily and you are suddenly prone to breakouts, it’s because you are having a girl.

Finally, you can even use the father of your baby as a testing method to find out the sex of your baby. Did you know that if your husband is gaining weight alongside you, it’s because you are having a girl? If he is maintaining his typical weight, you are having a boy.

The thing about pregnancy gender tests is that they are just not accurate. The only way to tell for sure – and even this method is sometimes incorrect – is to have an ultrasound performed and get a good look at your baby’s genital areas. It’s tempting to take all these tests to see what you’re having, but each of these pregnancy gender tests is likely to give you a different answer. It might work for some and it won’t work for others. You simply have to wait to see your baby in an ultrasound.

If you really want to use a pregnancy gender test, go for it! They can make for fun activities for you and your husband. Write down what each one tells you that you are having and compare the answers to what you’re actually having when you find out. It can be a fun way to get a good laugh.