Who doesn’t love a sale or a good deal? There’s something innately satisfying about making a purchase when the item you’re buying is on sale. This rule even applies to home pregnancy tests. Of course, when most tests cost anywhere between $8 and $20, that leaves you wondering if you can purchase tests on sale. Fortunately, we have found a few ways in which you can save money on home pregnancy test purchases. With pregnancy test coupons, you can purchase the test you really want to purchase without going over budget.

For your testing pleasure, we are currently featuring two coupons for two different pregnancy tests. You can choose between any First Response or EPT pregnancy test and receive $2.00 off the purchase price. Both tests are designed to help you detect your pregnancy earlier than your missed period. EPT tests can detect pregnancy up to five days early, which First Response digital tests can detect pregnancy six days early.

Additionally, Walgreens also offers pregnancy test coupons. While the coupon changes sporadically, you can check back here when it’s time to purchase a test to receive a great deal such as 20% percent off your entire Walgreens purchase and Free Shipping if you order at Walgreens.com.

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