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Early pregnancy symptoms can be very similar to those that accompany having the stomach flu, coming down with a cold, or even suffering from mononucleosis. However, even with all of the similarities, early pregnancy does have some unique signs that should tip you off that you are pregnant rather than sick with a cold or other mild illness. You can get a better idea when you take the am I pregnant quiz. The answers can help you determine if a pregnancy test will give you a negative or positive result.

The pregnancy quiz contains 10 questions that you should carefully consider before answering. Taking your time and thinking about your lifestyle and your recent activities can help you get the answers you need to determine if you should take a pregnancy test. The questions are also simple so that you should be able to answer each one without becoming confused or uncertain. When you finish the quiz, you should have your answer about whether or not you could be in the earliest stages of pregnancy.

If you take the quiz now and get a negative outcome, you can always come back in a few days and take it again. Sometimes, as with taking a pregnancy test too early, you may get a negative result simply because some of the early pregnancy signs have yet to become clear to you. For example, if you have not yet missed your period, but you are certain you are pregnant, you can wait until after you miss the first day of your cycle to take the quiz again. This quiz is always available for you to take at your convenience. You can get the confirmation you need to take a test, get medical services if you are pregnant, and plan your life accordingly.

This quiz also can be done in the privacy of your own home. You may not be ready to share these kinds of details with friends or family members yet. The am I pregnant quiz provides you with confidential and reliable details you need before you decide with whom to share this information. Because it is available online at any time, you can wait until you are alone at home to take it. Knowing as soon as possible if you are pregnant can give you the confidence you need to take a pregnancy test and see your doctor for further testing and care.

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It's just a simple statistical test. Every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. Our test is only a suggestion. To make sure that you are pregnant - see your doctor or midwife.