• Positive Pregnancy Test Now It Is Negative

Positive Pregnancy Test Now Bleeding?

You may have no idea what to do when the answer from a pregnancy test was positive but then changes to negative the next time you test yourself. Are you pregnant or did you get a false positive the first time you tested? The answer to your question could lie in how soon you tested and what kind of kit you used to determine whether or not you are pregnant. By taking a deep breath and reviewing your situation objectively, you may be able to unravel the puzzle of what […]

  • Negative Pregnancy Test

Week Late Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

Women who have regular periods know with a fair amount of certainty when their cycles should start each month. You know that if you are late that something could be amiss with your health. If you are sexually active, a missed period could signal that you are pregnant. However, when you are a week or more late and take a pregnancy test, you may be puzzled as to why a test could come back negative for pregnancy. You can get a negative pregnancy test result for a myriad of reasons. […]

  • Free Pregnancy Test

Where Can I Go To Get A Free Pregnancy Test?

While over-the-counter pregnancy tests continue to drop in price, many women find that they cannot or choose not to afford to buy their own test kits. They would rather find out where they can go to get a free urine test done. In fact, in many communities across the country you can find clinics and organizations that provide pregnancy testing at no cost. You can pursue one of these tests at no financial risk to you by learning from where you can get pregnancy testing help.

If you are in college, […]

  • False Positive Pregnancy Test

What Can Cause A False Positive Pregnancy Test?

As reliable as over-the-counter pregnancy tests are, they still come with the smallest of risks of giving a false positive result. When women get a false positive outcome, they often experience a range of emotions from disappointment to outright anger. Rather than worry about getting such a result yourself, you can have the utmost faith in your results by understanding what can lead to a false positive. You can also minimize the risks of an unreliable test result by learning how to take your home pregnancy test correctly.

One of the […]

  • Negative Pregnancy Test

Top 10 Reasons For A Negative Pregnancy Test

Since their arrival on the market in 1979, over-the-counter pregnancy kits have continued to provide countless women with accurate and reliable test results. While most tests available now reported to be between 97 to 99 percent accurate, they are not entirely fail-proof and can in fact give negative results when women expect to see positive results. In these situations, women may wonder what went wrong or what happened to cause the negative results. These top 10 reasons for a negative pregnancy test stand out for why women may need to […]

  • Period Late Negative Pregnancy Test

Period Late Negative Pregnancy Test

For most women, a late period signals something could be amiss with her menstrual cycle. Late periods happen for a variety of reasons. However, sexually active women know that missing a period could be a sign that they are pregnant. When they take a pregnancy test and it comes back negative, their confusion may be confounded because they are not aware of what other reasons they could be late on their period. Before they head to the doctor’s office for a more thorough exam, they would do well to consider […]

  • If A Pregnancy Test Is Positive Can It Be Wrong

If A Pregnancy Test Is Positive Can It Be Wrong?

Today’s over-the-counter pregnancy tests are designed to give extremely accurate results. Most brands guarantee accuracy within three percent. However, despite their innovation, pregnancy tests can still give inaccurate results if they are not used correctly or if a woman has a medical condition that throws off the test’s reading of her urine. When you want to know if a pregnancy test is positive can it be wrong, the answer lies in how well you took the test and the state of your overall health.

A number of medical conditions can in […]

  • When To Take A Pregnancy Test

When To Take A Pregnancy Test?

Knowing when to take a pregnancy test can be difficult. Even women who have had children before may not be sure if or when to take a pregnancy test before they make an appointment with their doctor. Making this determination may revolve around several factors, including how regular a woman’s cycle is and whether or not she is taking birth control. Even so, many doctors agree that if a woman is more than two months late on her period, she should take a test to determine if she is or […]

  • Quantitative Pregnancy Test

Qualitative And Quantitative Pregnancy Test?

One of the best methods available to doctors when determining if a female patient is pregnant is the quantitative pregnancy test. This test provides accurate results and can also help a physician discover how far along a pregnancy is and whether or not any complications may exist. This test most often must be carried out in a doctor’s office or in a medical lab. It is quick and relatively pain-free, and it also gives the most reliable results when it comes to testing for early pregnancy.

In fact, many doctors urge […]

  • Glucose Pregnancy Test

What Is A Glucose Pregnancy Test?

During your pregnancy, you can expect your obstetrician to monitor every aspect of your health and the health of your unborn baby closely. Along with monitoring your weight, your vital statistics, and your baby’s heart rate and movement, your doctor will also make sure that you are not suffering from gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes actually occurs in about nine percent of all pregnancies and is generally viewed as an urgent medical condition that requires frequent care and monitoring. You can expect to undergo a glucose pregnancy test as you approach […]

  • Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant

Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant?

Most people who have not actually had children yet assume that it is relatively easy to get pregnant anytime you wish. However, as the months pass with no positive pregnancy test, you may wonder “Why am I not getting pregnant?”. In fact, getting pregnant takes precise timing and more than a bit of luck, something that some people seem to enjoy more than others. Before you give up hope entirely of ever becoming a mother, you may try these tips to help improve your chances of conceiving and going on […]

  • Cramps But No Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Cramps But No Period Negative Pregnancy Test?

For many women, cramps and periods go hand-in-hand. In fact, it can be difficult to escape a moderate bout of cramps at least a few times a year. However, when a woman has cramps but no period negative pregnancy test results should give her confirmation that perhaps she is just late in her menstrual cycle. Yet many women want to know with absolute certainty whether or not they are perhaps in early pregnancy or indeed late on their periods. To accomplish either, they may have to rely on high quality […]

  • How Common Is A False Negative Pregnancy Test

How Common Is A False Negative Pregnancy Test?

No officials numbers have ever been published about how many women get false negative pregnancy test results before finally confirming their pregnancies either through a blood test or taking another home pregnancy test. In fact, when women wonder just how common is a false negative pregnancy test result, they may be unable to come up with any definitive answer that puts their minds at ease. Women for generations now have been taking home pregnancy tests and either being totally confident with the results or taking test after test until they […]