When a woman suspects she’s pregnant or she hopes she’s pregnant, she might begin to notice a few symptoms. Of course, the typical symptoms of pregnancy are easily confused with the signs of your impending period, which can make it difficult for some women to see the difference. However, if you suspect you might be – or just hope you are – pregnant, you might want to check for these common symptoms of pregnancy. Each one can indicate pregnancy even before a pregnancy test can confirm your hopes and/or suspicions.

Symptoms of Being Pregnant

The most common symptoms of being pregnant are fairly universal. However, they’re also indicative of your soon-to-arrive period. The way in which you can tell you’re pregnant is to really pay attention to your body. Some women experience the same symptoms every month prior to the arrival of their period and can ignore them with ease. Some women don’t experience any symptoms, and therefore are surprised to suddenly notice them as they assume their period approaches.

Some of the most common symptoms of being pregnant include swollen, tender breasts. You might notice this a week before your period is slated to arrive. If this happens monthly, you’ll think nothing of it though it could be more severe than usual due to pregnancy hormones in your body. However, if it’s a new experience it could indicate that you are pregnant. Another common sign is exceptional fatigue. Creating a baby in your body is hard work that takes a lot of energy. This causes many women to suddenly feel tired, fatigued, and exhausted despite the fact that they have no other reason to feel this way except for possible pregnancy.

Some pregnant women begin to notice that they have a craving for a specific food or a sudden aversion to a specific food. This could also indicate pregnancy. Cravings and aversions are very common in pregnancy. One of the biggest signs of pregnancy, however, is nausea and vomiting. The second you wake up in the morning and feel the need to vomit, you might suspect you are pregnant.

Symptoms of Being Pregnant Without Taking a Test

The hard part of deciding whether or not your symptoms could be that of pregnancy is not knowing for sure. Sometimes they become pronounced prior to being able to take a test. Since many home pregnancy tests are designed to work on the first day of your missed period, with the smaller chance that some women can find out earlier if they’re expecting, your best guess is all you have. However, there are a few symptoms of pregnancy that do occur prior to being able to test that can give you a pretty certain knowledge that you are pregnant even though you can’t test.

Light bleeding before your period arrives is referred to as implantation bleeding. This typically occurs around a 10 days to a week prior to your period’s arrival. It might be just a small amount of blood that you might not notice other months. It could indicate the implantation of your fertilized egg on the wall of your uterus.

Another of the really big symptoms you’ll notice before it’s time to take a test is the arrival of nausea. This happens almost immediately for some women, around a week or so after conception. Conception, of course, happens around the time of ovulation which is typically two weeks after the first day of your last period.

Finally, if you suspect you are pregnant and you’re looking for symptoms that might indicate so prior to being able to test for pregnancy at home, you’ll want to pay attention to your nose. It’s one of the earliest and most prominent symptoms of pregnancy. You might begin to notice that certain smells make you feel sick. You might notice that suddenly your husband’s cologne is so overpowering it’s making you ill. You might notice that the smell of your shampoo is so strong you don’t understand how anyone can stand to be within 12 inches of you without wanting to vomit. Smell is one of the most sensitive body parts. Many women note that their sense of smell is particularly heightened during pregnancy it’s a symptom that makes its appearance very early.

Symptoms of Being Pregnant With Twins

Ask any mother with twins if she noticed signs that she’s carrying more than one baby and she’s bound to tell you that she did. Even if she didn’t realize it at the time, there are some pretty significant symptoms that appear when a woman is pregnant with multiples. The first is illness. Most twin moms become ill to the point of being incapacitated for the first few months. It’s more than just morning sickness that comes and goes or lasts all day; it’s sickness that doesn’t depart a woman’s body for weeks at a time. Twin moms often look back and wonder how come they did not suspect twins sooner based on the fact that they spent 3 solid months lying down feeling sick and vomiting all day long.

Women pregnant with twins also tend to show faster and much sooner. While it is true that subsequent pregnancies tend to show faster, women pregnant with twins will show even faster. For example, if this is your second baby and you started showing around the 12 week mark with baby number one and you’re showing at 5 weeks with baby number two, you might be carrying twins. You might laugh it off when other people begin to ask you how far along you are and then gawk when you tell them and they then proceed to inform you that they think you’re pregnant with multiples. They might be right.

Becoming pregnant with twins means you’re more likely to experience pregnancy symptoms you might not otherwise experience and that experience is heightened. Your doctor might be able to confirm a twin pregnancy based on the presence of two heart beats, though some twin moms only hear one at first. The only way to confirm a twin pregnancy is through an ultrasound in which both babies become visible.